Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Reflection on 1st day's class pkey3101

Has Technology Really Changed The Way We Do Things?

First glance on the title of what our lecturer needs us to ponder on this week: I could not agree more. From personal communication with loved ones using the internet chatting to doing serious business like registering our courses for the new semester and bidding for softwares on lelong.com, technologies undoubtedly have changed the way we live life from how our ancestors did. Speed is gold nowadays..with the advancement of technologies..we do not need to spend long hours to queue up when paying bills. We are just a click away.

However on 2nd thoughts., for people like me that gets frustrated easily when using the computer, dealing with the computer can seem to be a difficult task. Sometimes for my presentation of my assignments I need extra time to seek help from my fellow coursemates in order to fix up my laptop and the LCD projector as the image suddenly could not be projected at the very last minute. This can be frustrated as technologies are supposed to be used to save time but instead my audience need to wait for almost half an hour for my presentation. Therefore, problems that occur when using technologies can be frustrating and sometimes i would rather stick to the old methods of presentation: the white board.

So, there are people out there who prefer to do certain things the old ways. In one primary school that i've been to to teach and observe experienced teachers teaching, most of them prefer the chalk and talk when teaching as they view that technologies such as integrating laptop or projectors in teaching tend to hav troubleshoots. Then, when they do troubleshoot they need to spend time fixing them in which most of them have not much background in. Pupils' engagement time in learning in the classroom is then shortened.

On the other hand, definitely new technologies still have lots to offer. If a teacher does not learn how to integrate technologies in her teaching, soon pupils will get bored as the teacher only used the orthodox method of teaching. If you are willing to upgrade yourself from knowing the basic such as typing to the complicated such as inserting photos in a word format, you will not be left behind in this modern and technology-emphasized world. Just keep an open mind.

Today I Learn...
To be patient with technologies and realizing that starting up a second blog is not that hard as I've expected...
Adn perhaps in the future i don't have to use the traditional chalk and board when teaching as there's a digital or interactive board available.

Today I Question...
How much IT literate will I get?I hope what I've learnt can be stored in my mind's harddisc so that I can apply them when I'm teaching in schools.
How much does d digital board cost?
I wonder whether the schools that I'm going to have one. Fingers crossed as i don't really like chalks :p.


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