Thursday, August 03, 2006


Inside my head...

It was a long day and our lovely Prof. was away for official matters. For a second I thought I could relax, lay back and take time to clear things off my 'crowded' head. The next thing I knew I was staring at the computer screen again like there was no tomorrow after Ms. Chin came in and reminded us that the Prof. needed to see our draft on the assignment next week. We were required to construct at least five slaids on the Smartboard Notebook for educational purposes in the primary classroom. There was no time to waste.


As I stared blankly on the screen and my fingers tapping on the desk, suddenly I remembered the Prof. did say before that there were plenty of Smartboard lessons available online ready to be downloaded. Cleverly, I found some useful examples and I did adapt those lessons as my teaching slides. It was as simple as 1,2,3. I was kind of enjoying the adapting and creating my own lessons work when it started to rain so heavily and suddenly the lights went off. Ha!Luckily I did save my work just in time and had successfully avoided the most dreaded thing - after a hard day's work on the computer one did not save his precious work.

As there were no lights and internet connections, it was hard for us to continue doing our work in the computer lab. We left slightly early before 3 with my doubts from the previous class not being answered. I thought of seeking Mr. Sam's advice but he was in the other computer lab. I decided to solve my own problem.

A Couple of DAYS later...

Voila!I did it!It was a lovely Friday. Finally, I knew how to upload my self-recorded video into the Smartboard notebook. Never had I experience such great satisfaction when using the technology. It felt as if the very first time the stoneage man had invented the wheel.
Imagine the borderless possibility that I could now use the Smartboard to teach in the classroom. Rea-life images are now possible to be brought in front of the children's eyes for the purpose of learning. Therefore, visual learners will learn better with examples that they no longer need to imagine in their little heads as the teacher could barely explain.

Post satisfaction...

I am still trying to do my teaching slaids. This week will be quite busy as I will be loaded with work. However, I still have this deep feeling of satisfaction :).


Blogger SicilyIsland said...

hello gal... i think ull become a very nice english teacher using high tech gadget ae....hehe

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