Thursday, September 21, 2006


Closer to life…
Got quite frustrated lately. It seems that there has been problem with the local area connections (which is TMnet) for the past 2 weeks. My frustration got very close to calling up the company and forwarding my dissatisfaction. With loads of work to do and assignments due, the disconnection does not help at all. At the moment I was working offline as well, composing my work on the very reliable Microsoft Work (I am not working under Bill Gates and am not involved in any of his promotional campaign).

Prof. was not around…LaLaLa
Relaxation was in mind as the Prof. was not in class today. She was off with official matters and I was waiting for her return next week anticipating what she would share with the class again that she got from her trip. Souvenirs maybe?

We carried on with our work on the Seedwiki while chirping away with my course mates. I heard from Ming Keat that there had been some trouble with Seedwiki for about a week already. He tried to upload his files to his group’s page. He then saved his work but the next day his files did not appear on the page.

I talked to Mrs. Lim in class about this matter. She suggested that we could post our problem to the Seedwiki administration. I tried to do it but unfortunately there was no connection at the moment.

Before I got any closer to banging my head to the window, I better take some time off my old companion, the trusty but quite heavy hp lap top.


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u actually blog? hahaha =p

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