Tuesday, October 03, 2006

an EDGY daY...

at the EDGE of my SEAT...
ASSIGNMENTSsss due dates are nearing. TESTSsss are nearing. FINALSsss are nearing. No wonder I was really nervous, jumpy and even grumpy. Grey (or rather, I would call 'silver') hairs are popping on top of my head and I'm only 18++ years of age! Sadly speaking, I do have too much to worry.

As we had a major PKEY3101 assignment at hands, we were working on our work in class this very day. I was again annoyed by the disconnection from the net at home. OMG!!! What's wrong with TMNet? Desperately in need of a drastic measures, my housemate, dear Sin Yuan called the TMNet hotline (which is not toll free) and the answering machine talked for almost about nothing except advertisements for almost 10 minutes which the talking time will be charged in our next phone bill(good idea of earning money from the innocents and poor university students).
Returning to the mainstream (which is CLASS), Mrs. Lim went into our class today, bringing in a new face with her, Sarah. Mrs. Lim told me that the three of us actually had a thing in common- me, Mrs. Lim and Sarah were all from lovely Sarawak. And in my head I thought of another commonality among us- Sarawakian ladies have beautiful smile and are gorgeous. AGREED.

About ASSIGNment3
I had taken the effort of planning out for my assignment 3 which I was working with Mei Ju, Sin Yuan and Yoy (Siti Nurul Janah- This was my very first time doing a collaboration with Yoy). The motivation for me was the due date for the assignment was like another 2 weeks and there were tonnes to do. Luckily, I had my cutie and sweety group members to help out and devise the burden. ALL FOR 1 AND 1 FOR ALL everyone!
We met up face to face in class and discussed the details of the assignment again. We found out there were some clarifications need to be made by the Prof. We were blessed as the Prof. was going around checking how much we had done on the assignment. I did felt guilty as to tell the truth, I had not worked much on the assignment yet, besides careful planning and researching on the net.
Upon mentioning this, I would like to send my greatest gratitudes to Mrs. Lim for helping our group to set up a 'previous posts' on our seedwiki page so that we could retrieve the files that were being over-written previously. The seedwiki was functioning properly too as she helped in posting messages to Ken to fix the problem that bugged the whole class last week. I never felt happier!!! Perhaps we could meet up and eat cha kueh tiao at Kenyalang Park if she ever go back to sweet-old Kuching (message me: 0123949598 :]). Now, all I need is get the assignment done. ASAP! By the end of this week.

There is 2 more weeks to go before we are off for the Rayas- which left me very 'kin tio' and 'kan chiong'= nervous in Hokkien and Cantonese; to finish up my unfinish business (4 major assignments in total; hou cham ar~). Just let me finish up my work, and I'll pick up pieces of my life and continue to non-stop writing ;P... Enjoy~~


Blogger rmaznah said...

It's not the end of the world. Nothing that You pretty Sarawakians cannot smile your way out of it. Keep up the good work. You are doing alright.

2:00 AM  
Blogger byann said...

I am going back mid November and staying until Christmas. Sure, let's meet up in Kuching. My hp is016-8165364.


3:44 AM  

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