Wednesday, December 06, 2006


After about a month staying away from blogging- coz i've other tonnes to do such as eat, sleep, get up, eat, sleep, tv time, watchin Korean drama, HongKong soap operas and go over the cycle reciprocately...i 've decided not to let la palace in becoming a palace infested wid cobwebs of ancient posts.

So here is d reopening of la palace, which its existence used 2 b 2 make up my assignment marks, n now here will b d platform 4 people 2 read bout matters swirling around my life. Dun worry, as u read along dis line, u r officially a member of d kepo club a.k.a: busybody-always-love-to-noe-bout-people's-life-but-dun-even-care-bout-d-life-o-death-of-
ur-pet-dog-o-siblings-alike club.

Somewhere in November 2006, I've finally talked my frens into visiting Kuching for d very 1st time.

Kuching is not a bored-u-to-death place after all, as i've always categorized it. Look at their happy faces: Yuan, Woon, Wen n Ju. Me d cutest 1 infront.

On the very 1st day in Kuching, we decided to visit one of the famous landmark in Kch, the Fort Magherita. We paid 30cent per person 2 get d sampan 2 go 2 d fort, which is unbelievably cheap. The way up to the fort from d jetty where we stopped was not as pleasant as we'd thought. Some sort of like jungle trekking all d way up to d hill where d fort was located. Most of us suffered from itchiness as a result of unknown insects bite.

I didn't have d chance 2 visit d fort during my primary 6 graduation trip though, which made dis my very 1st blunder journey here- was wearing my hot pants n red slippers dat day. My legs r very attractively accessorized wid red spots all over when i reached home.

Halfway up the hill...
Ju: Woi! Very gatai leh!

Woon: Got mosquito la!

Jiawen: Ya lo! Careful ah!

Yuan: -LOST IN TRANSLATION- a.k.a blur...

Me:@#$%&*...kanasai stupid mosquitoes...@#$&*@@#


Despite all the fuss n noise dat we'd caused, we reached d fort safely. 1st impression, d fort looked like some abandoned 18th century building, haunted. Not a soul was inside, but later on we'd found some kids playing in d fort who were stayin in d kampung just nearby.

We had some fun visiting d fort despite its scary aura- such as poking fun at d 'butt-naked' soldier n for god sakes we did not tear n rape d soldier.

Doing some weird poses at the reali kinda high outlook point.

From d fort, one can c d breath-taking scenery of d Kch city, rite across d Sarawak river.

N heyy, I can c PJ Section 17 from here...


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