Wednesday, December 06, 2006


ROW, ROW, ROW ur boat,
Gently down d stream,


We didn't forget to try our hands on rowing a sampan while taking a ride across d Sarawak river- free of charge!No, not d boat ride but d posing for picture taking pretending we were aunties dat row sampans...

My frens gleefully had their pictures taken- nicely smiling while d uncle n d rest of d gang awaited 4 dis whole quite embarassing affair 2 b over as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, d uncle d professional sampan will look d best in d photos as he had years at experience of ang-mos (Caucasian tourists) taking his picture from d rear-end.

Kch city looked so awesome from d sampan, with d waters just few inches away from us.

N now it's my turn 2 row-well i'm faking it for d sake og photo-taking of course. But i never thought it could b dis scary, for me.

During my pose:
Me: Aiyo...d boat can move 1 leh...Pakcik kena pengang mana punya?(D whole sampan was rocking)
Uncle, d sampan rower: Pegang itulah...
Me: Ini kayu ah...Aiyo...kalau nanti sampan gerak sampai air sana macam mana oh?Takut eh...macam mana...pakcik jangan goyang sampan la!
Uncle: Memang sampan bergerak atas air bah...
Jiawen: Look here look here take photo...

Me: (Forcing a smile while beads of perspiration flowed down my forehead) Hehehe...I dun wan d la i scared la...Okok done done...
Jiawen: U din smile nicely in d photo juzt now la...
D rest of d sampan passengers: *thinking* wad la, take a photo oso so hard ah...Banyak lama oui!


Blogger Terence Prince said...

Great.. I never try the sampan b4.. Gosh I should have.. How are u siao hui.. Hope u all the best. Stay in touch..Terence WeiTzen(yun2 & Kenny's brother)..

8:55 PM  
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